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11 Mar

Do you have an old home and would want to dispose it but afraid that it will sit in the market for a while due to its age? Don’t fret because it’s possible to sell it even if you don’t perform any repairs. There are real estate companies that are actually willing to purchase properties on “as is” condition. Aside from that, they might even be assisting you to find a new house since you’ll be selling the old one. All of these services are hassle free and done by a legitimate and experienced we buy houses company to buy my house.

On the other hand, how would you know if you’re really working with a legit realty company that are interested in buying your house at a reasonable price? The very first thing that must be done here is to see if they have a website. Be sure that you read their background and how they have started and then, try to find branches they got in addition to the state where you are in. Most of the time, it is stated in their website so do your due diligence when you are browsing in their page. Double check the branches if they are operational and figure out if they operate locally or nationwide.

Try to keep searching for legitimate reviews that the we buy houses as is company has. There are many that you can find over the web but don’t solely rely on the reviews that you can find in their homepage. The best thing to do is to find out how their past clients are rating their service. It is wise to look additional reviews and testimonials as well or if you can’t find any, post on forums asking for the member’s feedback and opinions. In the event that you knew about them through spam links that are sent to your mail, then it is highly possible that they are scammers. This should serve as a red flag automatically.

With the help of the internet, some we buy houses companies may just have read of your ad and make proposition. This is a nice opportunity because majority of these companies are willing to buy your house “as is”. Besides, it is them who will be doing everything’s required from the transaction be it repairs, paperwork etc.

Another great way to locate investors is through the neighborhood for ads which say “We Buy Houses” together with their name and contact details. Once making a contact, inform them of your situation, tell them about the specifics of your house and how much you want to sell it and set a schedule to have it checked by the company. Check out this website at for more info about real estate.

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